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Work Term FAQ

Will we have to pay the students for a work term?

No − there is no obligation to pay the student.

Are work term students covered by BCIT for Work Safe BC?

Yes − BCIT covers the students for Work Safe BC.

Can we hire more than one student for a work term?

Yes − we encourage it. Students are used to working in small teams.

What are the hours per week?

Generally, students work 35 hours per week for 8 weeks. It is up to the employer and student to determine the start and end times.

Can the students work part-time?

Yes − work terms can be part-time as long as the student completes 280 hours.

Who chooses the student for the work term?

Hiring a work term student is the same as hiring a regular employee. Students apply for your job posting, you choose who to interview, and you offer the work term to the student. The student then has the option to accept or decline.

What is my obligation to the student and to BCIT as a work term employer?

Your obligation is to provide a meaningful, supervised work experience in a safe, clean environment. The work must reflect the student’s course of study and provide value to both the employer and student. BCIT monitors each work term and will visit the premises to ensure that the work term is satisfactory to both student and employer. At the end of the work term, the student’s supervisor will be asked to fill out an evaluation form.

Can I hire the student at the end of the work term?

Yes! Many employers treat the 8 week work term as a training period. It is low risk and gives employers an excellent opportunity to test out a potential employee. However, there is no obligation to hire.

Projects FAQ

Is there a fee for the projects?

No − there is no cost for the projects

What are my obligations as a project sponsor?

See TWD page for more info.

How many students will work on my project?

It depends on the size of your project − it could be one or up to four students.

I’m not a technical person so I can’t offer supervision. Will that be a problem?

No − student projects are supervised by qualified BCIT instructors

How will my project get chosen?

Projects are vetted by BCIT. If they meet our criteria, they will be offered for selection by our students. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that a project will be chosen.

What if my project isn’t chosen?

Our Technical Web Designer program runs three times a year. If a project isn’t chosen during one intake, then we can offer it again in subsequent intakes.